Wechat English group

Friday, 16 November, 2018  10:31
GUANGZHOU, Guangdong


Wechat English group - Hello everyone! If you would like to join my wechat English group you can add me, my wechat name is bobbycruddas1 please leave a message saying 'English group' | | My name's Bobby and I'm from England. Me and my English friend will post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday about grammar, phonics, English tips, videos and quizzes. Everybody is welcome to chat anytime and any day they want to! Voice messages are encouraged to practice spoken English! We can discuss daily topics and free talk. | | It's 100rmb a month to be in the group but with a one hour class with a foreigner usually costing more than that, I think it's a really cheap deal for a whole month! | | I look forward to meeting you! :D


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